6 series, more than 200 fabrics

Fully meet your wholesale customization needs

Assurance/Protection for enterprises

Weaving, Dying and Compound plants.

The weaving factory has 158 circular knitting machines with an annual production capacity of 23,000 tons.

The dyeing factory has 9 setting machines with an annual production capacity of about 22,000 tons.

The compound plant has three production lines with annual production capacity of about 10,000 tons.

Sold all over the world

Complete Whole Supply Chain

More than 300 strategic garment factories

Guangzhou Zhongda Store, Foshan Tongfu City Store, Zhongshan Shaxi Store, Huzhou Zhili Store and Keqiao Textile City Store have more than 300 strategic garment factories.

More than 20 domestic and foreign distributors.

Top Quality knitted fabrics

Adhere to the high-end brand route

All kinds of single-sided, double-sided, ribbed, sweater and other cotton fabrics

Various printing, ultrasonic, coating, rocking fabric

Various composite series cloth